Adhesive, Dermabond Prineo ST 60cm


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Longer incisions present unique clinical challenges. DERMABOND PRINEO System is an innovative, two-part system for uncompromised strength and healing. Part 1: Applicator and liquid adhesive – A 2-octylcyanoacrylate topical skin adhesive provides strength and microbial protection in vitro; sets in approximately 60 seconds when applied to mesh tape; before contacting the mesh tape, the adhesive has a 2-hour working time. Part 2: Polyester mesh tape – A flexible, self-adhesive polyester mesh tape in combination with the liquid adhesive provides excellent approximation and healing; contains an initiator to accelerate the polymerization of the liquid adhesive; each dispenser contains 60 cm of mesh tape (also available in 22 cm) DERMABOND PRINEO System enhances comfort and convenience for patients No need for post-surgical dressings may mean easier self-care If directed by the health care practitioner, patients are able to shower immediately following the procedure. Mesh tape removes easily when wound is sufficiently healed1 DERMABOND PRINEO System can be used as an alternative to subcuticular sutures when closing medium to long incisions1 The products in the DERMABOND Portfolio are supported by more clinical evidence, outcome data and publications than any other Topical Skin Adhesive.



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